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Compliance forms expire 30 June every year, it is necessary to pass a new audit for every season.

 Special Regulations Yacht Equipment Inspections 2017-2018

As at 05/02/2018... latest change hyperlinks repaired

LOTS OF CHANGES THIS YEAR: New forms, new rules and some new procedures.


DOCUMENTS: You will require most of these documents to conduct/pass an audit.

Click a blue highlighted link to download desired document/s. All docs in PDF format ready for printing.


NEW Sailing Rules 2017-2020

NEW Special Regulations (safety equipment guidelines) Part 1 (keel boats)


NEW ASC Sailing Instructions 2017-18

NEW Australian Sailing 2017-2021 Special Regulations Equipment Audit forms

CAT 5 

CAT 7.

NB: ASC also now requires...

NEW ASC Additional Equipment form (yes, now a separate form) which lists equipment required by the Club's sailing instructions over and above items Australian Sailing requires.


Sat 5th Aug 09:00-12:00

Sat 12th Aug 09:00-12:00

Sun 27th Aug 08:00- 10:30 (last one starts at 10. Audits are before the Winter Series race)

  Scheduled audits have been completed for this season BUT additional bookings may be available (see below.)

NB: No ASC tender service on audit dates.

Audit Costs

For ASC members Saftey Equipment Audits undertaken on scheduled audit dates are free. 

Audits conducted for members outside scheduled audit dates MAY attract a fee (see below*)

Non-members or non-financial members will be charged the $30.00 for any audit.

Second Audits (after a failed audit) attract $30.00 regardless of member status.

All fees collected go to the Club.

 Audit Bookings

Bookings keep audit days efficient. If you turn up without a booking there is no guarantee anyone will be available to audit your vessel.

Contact David Evans 0438 224 926 to book your audit.

 Can't make any of the audit days?

It is possible to book an audit outside the dates nominated. *If the volunteer auditor is attending the Club for another reason eg a sailing day, the audit will be free. *HOWEVER a special trip for an audit will attract a fee of $30.00.

Karl Nielsen has offered some limited availability mid-week. Please contact him directly

Contact Karl Nielsen 0412 888 656

Before the Audit Day

Conduct a SELF AUDIT. The auditor's role is to check you have done it correctly. Feel free to seek their guidance BEFORE the day if you have any questions. (Contact details at the bottom of the page.)

To perform your SELF AUDIT:

Print out both the new AS Special Regulations Equipment Audit form CAT 5 OR CAT 7 AND the new ASC Additional Equipment Form then complete them aboard your boat.

Initial OR mark as N/A EVERY line. Read the appropriate rules in the new Special Regulations to ensure each item is properly complied with.

Be warned! The first inspection for fincial Club Members is free BUT EACH reinspection due to a failed audit will attract a $30 fee. 

 On your Audit Day:

  • The owner/skipper or their authorised representative must be on board during the audit.
  • Bring your boat and find a mooring off the club. Call on VHF Ch 73 or phone your auditor to confirm arrangements. (you may be required to provide transport to your boat for the auditor)
  • Equipment required for the audit MUST BE LAID OUT BEFORE the audit.
  • Produce both the fully completed Equipment Audit form CAT 5 OR CAT 7  AND the ASC Additional Equipment form from your SELF AUDIT.
  • Provide a copy of your Boat's Insurance policy.

The ASC auditor verifies that your SELF AUDIT complies with the category you choose (eg Cat 7 or 5).

Upon satisfactorily completing the audit:

  • you will receive a 2017/2018 Compliance Sticker to be fixed to your boat
  • the Club's records will be updated to reflect your boat's Cat status PROVIDED 2017/18 membership dues have been paid and processed.
  • the original audit form will be held by the Club but a PDF version will be emailed to you.



The onus is on owners to ensure continuous compliance in the Category for which they have been sucessfully audited. Equipment Auditors may undertake spot checks during the season.

Yachts must also comply with the Maritime N.S.W Authority Safety Equipment Regulations.


NEW Extinguishers no longer have to be inspected by a qualified person. However, extinguishes must be self-tested in accordance with the notes that follow AS Special Regulation 4.04.  Auditors will check to see if they are "fit for purpose" .

NB: an extinguisher has to be pressure tested every 5 years. The date of manufacturing will be stamped on the cylinder. Auditors will check to see if extinguishers fall under the 5 year limit or expect proof of pressure testing.  For smaller devices it is much cheaper to buy a new one rather than have them tested.


The Blue Book Has Changed

NEW The Blue Book 2017-2020 came into force Jan 1, 2017 and is now split into 3 publications: the Racing Rules and the Special Regulations Part 1 (Keel Boats) & Part 2 (Off The Beach Boats).

They are FREE to download in PDF format for use on electronic devices. From the download, sailors can choose to print out a hard copy. If you elect to carry only a digital copy, you must be able to demonstrate the capacity to read these documents while on your boat without access to the internet.

To stay compliant, members should already be carrying the new publications.


Life jackets must display the Australian Standard it was manufactured to. If the device is maunfactured overseas, the onus is on the owner to demontrate that the overseas standard is equal to, or better than the Austrlaian standard.

INFLATABLE PFDs must be serviced/tested as per instructions provided by the manufacturer.  A CERTIFICATE will be inspected for each device showing that its testing regime is up to date. Some manufacturers allow for self-testing and provide a blank certificate which must be fully completed and signed by owners.



Like all positions at Avalon, the Safety Equipment Auditors are volunteers. They give their time to be trained and certified by Sailing Australia. They organise and conduct free audits for the benefit of other Club members. Please respect this time freely given.

Avalon Sailing Club and its auditors reserve the right to refuse an audit.



David Evans 9973 3637, 0438 224 926 or

Ian Craig 0419 625 298

Karl Nielsen 0412 888 656 or