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ASC 25 9 16

 A cordial invitation is extended to owners of eligible Etchells yachts to enter this event on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd  April 2017 on Pittwater.

The Regatta will consist of six races conducted by the Avalon Sailing Club (ASC).

An interim presentation for Races 1, 2 & 3 will be held at a catered dinner on the Saturday evening at ASC. Bookings are essential. The Don McLachlan Perpetual Trophies presentation plus presentation for Races 4, 5 & 6 will be held after the race on Sunday 23rd  April at the Clubhouse.


Notice of Race (NOR)Notice of Race (NOR)


Sailing Instructions (SI)

Australia Day Regatta 2016 - Yacht Results


Our handicapper (Martin) is travelling to Antarctica so I volunteered to do the job. Having now done this I realise what a wonderful job he does!! Thanks Martin.

We had a NE 10 to 15 knots and the sun was out. All up 16 yachts participated with 6 in the spinnaker; 7 in the non spinnaker and 3 wooden yachts. There was some confusion as the wooden yachts started with the first two divisions but they have been reported separately.

Fortunately Martin left me with a list of handicaps for most yachts. There were a couple that ASC were not familiar with so I cross checked with Woody Point and then cross referenced these to similar yachts to come up with the magic number. The results show that the range of adjusted times was between 8 – 10 mins. The conditions appeared to favour the faster yachts as in all divisions as the faster ones did well on both scratch and handicap. Well done Grey Beard; Vamonos and Baracoola; the winners of each division. We have not seen Force 8 for a while but she is very welcome and was the fastest, followed by Vamanos and Element who were seconds apart.

Warm Regards

Paul Westcott

ADR Yacht Results

List of Yachts for 2016~2017 Season (so far) :

You can update your details here or send updates to

Yacht CruisingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1165GreyBeardMalcolm Bradford
Yacht CruisingPower boatMarinerDestinyDennis Heath
Yacht CruisingYachtSeawind 850 CatamaranCool ChangeBradley Cox
Yacht CruisingYacht37ft TimberPioneerBrent Howell
Yacht CruisingYachtFontaine Pajot 40PoupreDave Hyde
Yacht CruisingYachtBeneteauEsperaHeather Brigstocke
Yacht CruisingYachtCatamaran, Lagoon 470Bella VitaKingsley Forbes-Smith
Yacht CruisingYachtHutton 28'MistiqueNigel Greenwood
Yacht CruisingYachtJeanneau DS50Blanche SilhouetteRobert Birch
Yacht CruisingYachtBeneteauNonchalantSven Peters
Yacht CruisingYachtS & S 381023Kate KellyYJames (Jim) Flaye
Yacht CruisingYachtWright 321441MaramaTom Coventry
Yacht CruisingYachtTop Hat3881RebHarry Maltman
Yacht CruisingYachtBeneteau First 31.75865Pinta IIChris Treloar
Yacht CruisingYachtJeanneau 42DS9969GuinevereYPaul Westcott
Yacht CruisingYachtEasterley (Compass)KA1988NRemyArthur Hoyle
Yacht CruisingYacht Total16
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1052ResurgentYPaul Westcott
Yacht RacingYachtJeanneau 409MirageYRichard Gay
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 883878Young GenerationNorm Field
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiRitchie Venn
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiRoss Trembath
Yacht RacingYachtJeanneau 396906BandaleniYGreg Kowalski
Yacht RacingYachtSayer 439211VamonosYJim Dargaville
Yacht RacingYacht Total7
Yacht TotalsOverall23

List of Yachts for 2017~2018 Season (so far) :

You can update your details here or send updates to

David Boyd
Yacht CruisingPower boatPower boatSandy IIIBob Vickers
Yacht CruisingPower boatJessie GGlenn Attrill
Yacht CruisingPower boatArgosGlenn Attrill
Yacht CruisingPower boatHalvorsenTrinaPeter Kidner
Yacht CruisingYachtHalverson 26NoreenGary O'Neill
Yacht CruisingYachtAdams 42Rascal TooPaul Sinclair
Yacht CruisingYachtCarter 30Just ImagineRalf Moller
Yacht CruisingYachtBavaria 3217VelaFalko Thiele
Yacht CruisingYachtPhantom 324181DanaePhilip Buck
Yacht CruisingYachtCavalier 355172BelamiDavid Baker
Yacht CruisingYachtYoung 885808Forever YoungPeter Wesley
Yacht CruisingYachtTimber cutterJB375NThystleBram Meakins
Yacht CruisingYachtJ24KA28Traffic JamMichael Eaton
Yacht CruisingYachtNorthshore 380 SportsN381PazzescoPeter Cotton
Yacht CruisingYachtDufour 385PH385ValhallaRoman Zwolenski
Yacht CruisingYachtKaufman 50SM1999ScoundrelMerrick (Rick) Hall
Yacht CruisingYacht Total16
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1052ResurgentMerrick (Rick) Hall
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1084BangallaYMartin Hickling
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1312WimmeraYIan Craig
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS732CazBarYUwe Statz
Yacht RacingYachtTriton 281589IngaBrian Milton
Yacht RacingYachtTimpenny3353IlukaYDiane Mattes
Yacht RacingYachtNorthshore3927LauraYDavid Boyd
Yacht RacingYachtGarry Lidgard 36'6067Just Magic IIYChad Leggett
Yacht RacingYachtBeneteau First 31.76099DiabloYJean Cross
Yacht RacingYachtStewart 346401PanchaxYStephen Parker
Yacht RacingYachtBavaria 446439ChillYRobert Torning
Yacht RacingYachtRobertson 950661Under PressureYToni Fox
Yacht RacingYachtEast Coast 316711Summer WineBrett Stapleton
Yacht RacingYachtGib Sea 33 Sloop6852GoldfingerYDavid Evans
Yacht RacingYachtCouta BoatC117CariadYJames George
Yacht RacingYachtTraditional 30TBAHigh JinksBarry Black
Yacht RacingYacht Total16
Yacht TotalsOverall33

Yacht Sailors for 2016~2017  (so far) :

You can update your details here or send updates to

Yacht CruisingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1165GreyBeardHelm: Malcolm (Bradford)
Yacht CruisingPower boatMarinerDestinyHelm: Dennis (Heath)
Yacht CruisingYachtJeanneau DS50Blanche SilhouetteCrew: Clarita (Birch)
Yacht CruisingYachtBeneteauEsperaCrew: Cliff (Brigstocke)
Yacht CruisingYacht37ft TimberPioneerCrew: Lynne Bishop (Howell)
Yacht CruisingYachtSeawind 850 CatamaranCool ChangeHelm: Bradley (Cox)
Yacht CruisingYacht37ft TimberPioneerHelm: Brent (Howell)
Yacht CruisingYachtFontaine Pajot 40PoupreHelm: Dave (Hyde)
Yacht CruisingYachtBeneteauEsperaHelm: Heather (Brigstocke)
Yacht CruisingYachtCatamaran, Lagoon 470Bella VitaHelm: Kingsley (Forbes-Smith)
Yacht CruisingYachtHutton 28'MistiqueHelm: Nigel (Greenwood)
Yacht CruisingYachtJeanneau DS50Blanche SilhouetteHelm: Robert (Birch)
Yacht CruisingYachtBeneteauNonchalantHelm: Sven (Peters)
Yacht CruisingYachtS & S 381023Kate KellyHelm: James (Jim) (Flaye)
Yacht CruisingYachtS & S 381023Kate KellyHelm: Sue (Flaye)
Yacht CruisingYachtWright 321441MaramaHelm: Tom (Coventry)
Yacht CruisingYachtTop Hat3881RebHelm: Harry (Maltman)
Yacht CruisingYachtBeneteau First 31.75865Pinta IIHelm: Chris (Treloar)
Yacht CruisingYachtJeanneau 42DS9969GuinevereHelm: Paul (Westcott)
Yacht CruisingYachtEasterley (Compass)KA1988NRemyHelm: Arthur (Hoyle)
Yacht CruisingYacht Total20
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1052ResurgentCrew: Martin (Cooper)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1052ResurgentCrew: Paul (Westcott)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1084BangallaCrew: Andrew (Black)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1084BangallaCrew: Liam (Edwards)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1084BangallaCrew: Nick (White)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1312WimmeraCrew: Warwick (Barnes)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS732CazBarCrew: Peter (Ellisp)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS732CazBarCrew: Robert (Warby)
Yacht RacingYachtJeanneau 409MirageHelm: Richard (Gay)
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 883878Young GenerationCrew: Wendy (Field)
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 883878Young GenerationHelm: Norm (Field)
Yacht RacingYachtNorthshore3927LauraCrew: Gavin (Stidwill)
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiCrew: Jan Trembath (Trembath)
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiCrew: Linda (Venn)
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiCrew: Nicholas (Nick) Mason (Mason)
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiHelm: Doug (Snedden)
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiHelm: Ritchie Venn (Venn)
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiHelm: Stephen (Rubie)
Yacht RacingYachtYoung 995219PirihiSyn: Ross Trembath (Trembath)
Yacht RacingYachtGarry Lidgard 36'6067Just Magic IICrew: Jodi (Moore)
Yacht RacingYachtStewart 346401PanchaxHelm: Jan (Scholten)
Yacht RacingYachtRobertson 950661Under PressureCrew: Caren Beer (Beer)
Yacht RacingYachtRobertson 950661Under PressureCrew: Joanna (Lange)
Yacht RacingYachtRobertson 950661Under PressureCrew: Richard (Pickering)
Yacht RacingYachtRobertson 950661Under PressureCrew: Robert (Lange)
Yacht RacingYachtJeanneau 396906BandaleniHelm: Greg (Kowalski)
Yacht RacingYacht6920Beau SoleilCrew: Chris (Batchelor)
Yacht RacingYacht6920Beau SoleilCrew: Neil Pierson (Batchelor)
Yacht RacingYachtSayer 439211VamonosHelm: Jim (Dargaville)
Yacht RacingYacht Total29
Yacht TotalsOverall49

Yacht Sailors for 2017~2018  (so far) :

You can update your details here or send updates to

Yacht CruisingPower boatJessie G: Anja (Attrill)
Yacht CruisingPower boatArgos: Anja (Attrill)
Yacht CruisingPower boatJessie G: Glenn (Attrill)
Yacht CruisingPower boatArgos: Glenn (Attrill)
Yacht CruisingPower boatPower boatSandy IIIHelm: Bob (Vickers)
Yacht CruisingPower boatHalvorsenTrinaHelm: Peter (Kidner)
Yacht CruisingYachtCarter 30Just ImagineCrew: Heidi (Moller)
Yacht CruisingYachtHalverson 26NoreenHelm: Gary (O'Neill)
Yacht CruisingYachtAdams 42Rascal TooHelm: Paul (Sinclair)
Yacht CruisingYachtCarter 30Just ImagineHelm: Ralf (Moller)
Yacht CruisingYachtBavaria 3217VelaHelm: Falko (Thiele)
Yacht CruisingYachtPhantom 324181DanaeCrew: Sheridan (Buck)
Yacht CruisingYachtPhantom 324181DanaeHelm: Philip (Buck)
Yacht CruisingYachtCavalier 355172BelamiCrew: Lucy (Baker)
Yacht CruisingYachtCavalier 355172BelamiHelm: David (Baker)
Yacht CruisingYachtYoung 885808Forever YoungHelm: Peter (Wesley)
Yacht CruisingYachtTimber cutterJB375NThystleHelm: Bram (Meakins)
Yacht CruisingYachtJ24KA28Traffic JamHelm: Michael (Eaton)
Yacht CruisingYachtJ24KA28Traffic JamHelm: Susan (Eaton)
Yacht CruisingYachtNorthshore 380 SportsN381PazzescoCrew: Kerrie (Cotton)
Yacht CruisingYachtNorthshore 380 SportsN381PazzescoHelm: Peter (Cotton)
Yacht CruisingYachtDufour 385PH385ValhallaCrew: Phil (Zwolenski)
Yacht CruisingYachtDufour 385PH385ValhallaHelm: Roman (Zwolenski)
Yacht CruisingYachtKaufman 50SM1999ScoundrelHelm: Merrick (Rick) (Hall)
Yacht CruisingYacht Total24
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1052ResurgentCrew: Jane (Durham)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1052ResurgentSyn: Merrick (Rick) (Hall)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1084BangallaHelm: Martin (Hickling)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1312WimmeraCrew: Glenn (Barnes)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS1312WimmeraSyn: Ian (Craig)
Yacht RacingEtchellsEtchellsAUS732CazBarHelm: Uwe (Statz)
Yacht RacingYachtTriton 281589IngaHelm: Brian (Milton)
Yacht RacingYachtTimpenny3353IlukaCrew: Diane (Mattes)
Yacht RacingYachtTimpenny3353IlukaCrew: Neil (Mattes)
Yacht RacingYachtNorthshore3924LauraCrew: Jonathan (Knox)
Yacht RacingYachtNorthshore3927LauraHelm: David (Boyd)
Yacht RacingYachtGarry Lidgard 36'6067Just Magic IICrew: Felicity (Orme)
Yacht RacingYachtGarry Lidgard 36'6067Just Magic IICrew: Gregory Davis (Orme)
Yacht RacingYachtGarry Lidgard 36'6067Just Magic IIHelm: Chad Leggett (Leggett)
Yacht RacingYachtBeneteau First 31.76099DiabloCrew: Dick Ferris (Cross)
Yacht RacingYachtBeneteau First 31.76099DiabloHelm: Jean Cross (Cross)
Yacht RacingYachtStewart 346401PanchaxCrew: Christine (Parker)
Yacht RacingYachtStewart 346401PanchaxSyn: Stephen (Parker)
Yacht RacingYachtBavaria 446439ChillHelm: Robert (Torning)
Yacht RacingYachtRobertson 950661Under PressureHelm: Toni Fox (Fox)
Yacht RacingYachtEast Coast 316711Summer WineCrew: Robyn (Stapleton)
Yacht RacingYachtEast Coast 316711Summer WineHelm: Brett (Stapleton)
Yacht RacingYachtGib Sea 33 Sloop6852GoldfingerHelm: David (Evans)
Yacht RacingYachtGib Sea 33 Sloop6852GoldfingerHelm: Jan (Evans)
Yacht RacingYacht6920Beau SoleilCrew: Alistair (Read)
Yacht RacingYachtBeneteau First 31.76920Beau SoleilCrew: Ros (Read)
Yacht RacingYachtBeneteau First 31.76920Beau SoleilCrew: Steve (Read)
Yacht RacingYachtCouta BoatC117CariadHelm: James (George)
Yacht RacingYachtTraditional 30TBAHigh JinksHelm: Barry (Black)
Yacht RacingYacht Total29
Yacht TotalsOverall53

Yacht Race Archives

Please select your year of interest from the dropdown sub-menu to the right

Yacht Multihull

For the season 2012 ~ 2013, ASC is considering introducing a multihull division.

We are holding an invitation race on

Saturday June 16th 2012

with drinks available afterwards at club

Free BBQ to all participants


Enquiries: Brett Stapleton  0419 215 365


Compliance forms expire 30 June every year, it is necessary to pass a new audit for every season.

 Yacht Equipment Inspections 2017-2018

As at 12/08/2017.

LOTS OF CHANGES THIS YEAR: New forms, new rules and some new procedures.


Download links: (all in PDF format)

NEW ASC Sailing Instructions 2017/2018.

NEW Australian Sailing (formally Yachting Australia) 2017-2021 Special Regulations Equipment Audit forms CAT 5 OR CAT 7. NB: ASC also now requires...

NEW ASC Additional Equipment form (yes, now a separate form) which lists equipment required by the Club's sailing instructions over and above items Australian Sailing requires.

NEW Sailing Rules 2017-2020

NEW Special Regulations (safety equipment guidelines) Part 1 (keel boats)



Sat 5th Aug 09:00-12:00

Sat 12th Aug 09:00-12:00

Sun 27th Aug 08:00- 10:30 (last one starts at 10. Audits are before the Winter Series race)

  (some additional bookings may be available see below.)

NB: No ASC tender service on audit dates.

Audit Bookings

Bookings keep audit days efficient. If you turn up without a booking there is no guarantee anyone will be available to audit your vessel.

Contact David Evans 0438 224 926 to book your audit.

 For those who can't make any of the audit days:

It is possible to book an ASC audit outside the dates nominated. If the volunteer auditor is attending the Club for another reason eg a sailing day, the audit will be free. HOWEVER a special trip for an audit will attract a fee of $30.00 (which goes to the Club)

Karl Nielsen has offered some limited availability mid-week. Please contact him directly

Contact Karl Nielsen 0412 888 656

Before the Audit Day

Conduct a SELF AUDIT. The auditor's role is to check you have done it correctly. Feel free to seek their guidance BEFORE the day if you have any questions. (Contact details at the bottom of the page.)

To perform your SELF AUDIT:

Print out both the new AS Special Regulations Equipment Audit form CAT 5 OR CAT 7 AND the new ASC Additional Equipment Form then complete them aboard your boat.

Initial OR mark as N/A EVERY line. Read the appropriate rules in the new Special Regulations to ensure each item is properly complied with.

Be warned! The first inspection for Club Members is free BUT EACH reinspection due to a failed audit will attract a $30 fee. 

 On your Audit Day:

  • The owner/skipper or their authorised representative must be on board during the audit.
  • Bring your boat and find a mooring off the club. Call on VHF Ch 73 or phone your auditor to confirm arrangements. (you may be required to provide transport to your boat for the auditor)
  • Equipment required for the audit MUST BE LAID OUT BEFORE the audit.
  • Produce both the fully completed Equipment Audit form CAT 5 OR CAT 7  AND the ASC Additional Equipment form from your SELF AUDIT.
  • Provide a copy of your Boat's Insurance policy.

The ASC auditor verifies that your SELF AUDIT complies with the category you choose (eg Cat 7 or 5).

Upon satisfactorily completing the audit:

  • you will receive a 2017/2018 Compliance Sticker to be fixed to your boat
  • the Club's records will be updated to reflect your boat's Cat status PROVIDED 2017/18 membership dues have been paid and processed.
  • the original audit form will be held by the Club but a PDF version will be emailed to you.



The onus is on owners to ensure continuous compliance in the Category for which they have been sucessfully audited. Equipment Auditors may undertake spot checks during the season.

Yachts must also comply with the Maritime N.S.W Authority Safety Equipment Regulations.

Fire Extinguishers and Inspection

NEW Extinguishers no longer have to be inspected by a qualified person. However, extinguishes must be self-tested in accordance with the notes that follow AS Special Regulation 4.04.  Auditors will check to see if they are "fit for purpose" .

NB: an extinguisher has to be pressure tested every 5 years. The date of manufacturing will be stamped on the cylinder. Auditors will check to see if extinguishers fall under the 5 year limit or expect proof of pressure testing.  For smaller devices it is much cheaper to buy a new one rather than have them tested.


The Blue Book Has Changed

NEW The Blue Book 2017-2020 came into force Jan 1, 2017 and is now split into 3 publications: the Racing Rules and the Special Regulations Part 1 (Keel Boats) & Part 2 (Off The Beach Boats).

They are FREE to download in PDF format for use on electronic devices. From the download, sailors can choose to print out a hard copy, BUT if you elect to carry only a digital copy, you must be able to demonstrate the capacity to read these documents while on your boat and without access to the internet.

To stay compliant, members should already be carrying the new publications.

Cost of Audit

ASC members will have their yachts audited at no charge on the appointed Audit Days...  failed audits attract a $30 fee per reinspection.

Non-members are required to pay $30 prior to an audit.

Any fees collected go to the Club.


Like all positions at Avalon, the Safety Equipment Auditors are volunteers. They give their time to be trained and certified by Sailing Australia, then organise and conduct free audits for the benefit of other Club members. Please respect this time freely given.

Avalon Sailing Club and its auditors reserve the right to refuse an audit.



David Evans 9973 3637, 0438 224 926 or

Ian Craig 0419 625 298

Karl Nielsen 0412 888 656 or

Cruising Divison Yacht Profile-



1958 Sparkman & Stephens 40ft centerboard Yawl


 morasum-1958 small 511x640


We spotted Morasum for sale in May 2010 and flew to Brisbane to inspect her. We were very excited as she appeared to be similar to Finisterre, a classic S&S design that is well represented in a coffee table book by Franco Pace on S&S designs. 


When we inspected her, we knew instantly that she was what we were looking for – she was almost identical to Finisterre and in fairly good original condition.  The original documentation from 1958 was there – plans (blueprints), drawings and correspondence from S&S – from design selection through to construction and commissioning.  There were clippings from The New York Times from when she was held by the Chinese Navy, from Hong Kong from when she initiated the China Sea Race and also letters from Rod Stephens and Carlton Mitchell from when they had sailed on Morasum in Hong Kong. Along with Morasum   these documents in themselves will require conservation.



So we purchased Morasum in June 2010 and after six months work she was finally ready to sail to Pittwater from Manly, Queensland. Morasum had not left the marina for 6 years so there was a lot to do to make her seaworthy again. We also had to replace the mast as the original Sitka Spruce mast and boom were coming apart. We have shipped the main and mizzen masts and booms back to Sydney, our hope is to one day have them split and reglued.  This initial work is only the beginning and it will take us years to achieve full restoration. All our efforts at this stage have gone into stabilizing her before we can start to return her to former glory. Our objective is to try and keep Morasum as original as possible but also to ensure we can enjoy her as a safe and practical cruising yacht.  



Morasum was commissioned by Simeon Baldwin, a member of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, and was launched on his birthday Oct 23, 1958.  Through the internet I have been able to make contact with the original owner’s son, Simeon Baldwin Jnr and he has provided me with the following history.


Morasum was built in Hong Kong at a small shipyard, Wing On Shing, that was primarily a yard for steel lighters. The shipyard's owner always tried to have at least one wooden yacht in construction in order to keep his carpenters well occupied with their craft.  The Sparkman & Stephens plan (Design #1245) was inspired by the Finisterre (1954, #1054).  One major modification from the plans as drawn involved the centerboard.  The original design called for a bronze board. The redesign was a Borneo Billian (iron) wood with lead inserted in its tip for weighting to allow free fall.  This worked very well in practice.  After outfitting in 1958, we were pleased to host for weekend cruises, at different times, joined by Rod Stephens and Carlton Mitchell, Finisterre' owner.  Their knowledge and experience was invaluable as we learned how to best trim and sail her.

We had lived in Bangkok, Thailand from 1947-53, where my father had an aviation parts distributorship, and a majority of the oriental wood (Siam teak) used in construction came from mills in Thailand. The name, Morasum, is Thai for monsoon (
มรสุม). We moved to Hong Kong in 1953, where my father opened a branch of his aviation business.

Most of her sailing was done in Hong Kong waters, and after many local cruiser races, I was aboard for her first open water crossing in December 1959 from Hong Kong to Manila in the Philippine Islands. This cruise was designed as a test of the concept of a Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Hong Kong to Manila race which became the bi-annual 565nm China Sea Race first contested in1962. The Morasum sailed this race four times, and cruised it twice before my father 's death in 1973. She always finished well up in the race standings. Her last China Sea Race was in 1972 when she took 4th in Class B.

On a local yacht club cruise to the Portuguese colony of Macau over Chinese New Year, the Morasum and my father, plus several other yachts and their crews were captured by the Communist Chinese. The other yachts were released after a short duration but my father was detained from February 15 to December 7, 1969, before being released. This event might be the germ of a story linking my father to the CIA, which is untrue, by the way. The yacht required considerable work to bring her back to top condition and my father's health was never good after that period of solitary confinement.

Morasum has a wonderful motion at sea. I remember a 24-hour period during the 1959 sail to Manila when we averaged 7+ knots under jib and mizzen alone. The midwatch was one I will never forget. This was on the tail end of a tropical depression/typhoon that had moved through the area.

After my father's death in the 1973 I had her deck shipped to San Francisco and sailed her on the West Coast and then down to San Diego where I lived at the time.  I was forced to sell Morasum, to Chuck Williams in 1985 and her journey continued. He sailed her in local harbor beer-can races and Ancient Mariner races in San Diego, cruised Baja California, the Pacific and then, after falling in love with an Australian lass, he sold to Geoff Phegan and she ended up in Manly QLD.

 morasum hardys bay reduced 640x400

Morasum on a recent cruise to Hardy's Bay 



For us Morasum has an exciting history and is an excellent example of a Classic Yacht designed by Sparkman & Stephens. She deserves preservation and restoration and we hope that we can do her justice and that she will be around for many years to come.


John & Jenny Cronan


32 sim4_1

32 sim4_2










Race Description 

The Club has a fleet of approximately 50 yachts ranging from 20ft to over 40ft. Not all race but there is a lively fleet on each Sunday race day.

The Race course is, for the most part, inside the protected area known as Pittwater with a single event called the Blue Water Sheild that ventures out towards Box Head. Our races are hotly contested but are friendly and do not normally create stress for either the crew or the boat. All yachts are required to have a Category 7 Safety Certificate. 

Since the fleet comprises a wide variety of yachts all races are on a handicap system, so the choice of spinnaker or non spinnaker is yours and will be taken into account in the handicap.

This makes racing enjoyable and winnable for all competitors. A typical fleet might consist of a Young 88 or two, East Coast, Northshore, Etchels, Tasman, Jeanneau, Bavaria, Beneteau etc etc.

Race management is by volunteer "duty boat". The crew of the duty boat provides a Yacht Coordinator assisted by rostered club members and a boatboy to conduct the start. The Club has an easy to use 30 ft committee vessel "Lucinda" well fitted with remote anchor winch, enclosed head etc. to make the volunteer experience an enjoyable day in itself.

The club also runs a limited licence bar for members and there is a Free Tender Service on race days for yachts moored in the immediate vicinity of the clubhouse.

The race season runs from September through to early April.

Winter races over a short course take place on the last Sunday of each month during the "non season" period and are followed by a BBQ

Yacht Course Sheet 2016-17 (2-Sept-16)

Avalon Series



Our program has three unique elements:- 

  • You can choose to race in only one series of six races, with one heat per month
  • You can race on a different style of course each Sunday of the month
  • On the last Sunday of each month you can participate in the Family Day Race. Choice of spinnaker or no spinnakers, handicap start and a BBQ on the club deck post race.

Opening Day Trophy: Scratch start

Avalon Series: A handicap series raced on a single 12Nmi course in Pittwater with BYO BBQ at the end. Eight races, six to count. Open to non-ASC yachts on payment of entry fee. see link here

Blue Water Shield: A handicap series raced on courses which include a mark laid approximately one mile off shore from Lion Island. Six heats, five to count (scratch start)

Koolong Trophy: A handicap series raced on a course within Pittwater, sailed concurrently with the Blue Water Shield. Six heats with five to count (scratch start)

Quartet Bowl: A handicap series raced on courses that include a mark laid off Juno Point. Six heats, five to count (handicap start)

Retriever Trophy: A handicap series raced on courses within Pittwater. Six heats, five to count (scratch start)

Family Races: Individual handicap races sailed on a short course within Pittwater. No "extras" allowed. Handicap start. BYO BBQ follows on club deck

Twilight Races: Individual handicap races sailed on alternate Fridays during Daylight Saving. No "extras". Scratch start. BYO BBQ follows on club deck

Shaz II Trophy: A scratch trophy for the fastest yacht in the Club. The winner is the yacht with the minimum points from all races in the thre major trophy series (BWS/KT - RT - QB) when calculated on the basis of scratch results

Commodores Trophy: A handicap trophy for the fastest yacht in the Club. The winner is the yacht with the minimum points from all races in the thre major trophy series (BWS/KT - RT - QB) when calculated on corrected times

Van Den Bosch Trophy: For perseverance in fair weather and foul. Awarded to the yacht competing in the most events during the year, providing it has not been a prize winner in any series (an event is a series trophy race)

Single Day Events: There are a number of single day events, such as: The two Islands Race which appear in the Race Calendar. Details are posted on the day


 banner pic

UPDATED: 12/8/2017




The Club has a small but active cruising division. The fleet is comprised of a wide variety of yachts and range of experience. Beginners are very welcome and there is a lot that can be learnt over a glass or two of wine and some excellent food on one of the many weekend cruises.

A cruising program is published each year (see below). Events are planned every 4-6 weeks.

For those fortunate ladies and gentlemen of leisure, there is an informal cruise every Wednesday (fine weather only). Meet at the Clubhouse at 10.00 a.m. and the group will decide which boats to take out for an enjoyable day’s cruising and lunch. If you would like more information on the Wednesday cruises, please contact David Lyall on 9918 2335.

The Club has seven moorings in the Pittwater/Hawkesbury waters (click here for mooring page). These moorings are available to paid-up ASC Boat Owner members and are often the meeting place for cruising yachts.

Most cruises take place in these local waters, with trips to Sydney Harbour and occasional longer trips up or down the coast.


Ocean Cruising is outside the scope of Avalon Sailing Club to manage, however ASC Club member Paul Westcott  is organizing a trip to New Caledonia in 2018 and is interested in talking to anyone who might be interested in joining him on this adventure either as crew or to add a yacht to the fleet. Trip commences mid-May 2018.

Contact Paul on 0419 013 142 or

Cruising reports (see end of this page) contain many stories detailing the adventures of the cruising division and provide an idea of typical cruising activities

ASC Boat Owner members are also entitled to compete in a number of other events without paying additional race fees. These events include: The new Avalon Series (replacing the Family Series), the Two Island Race, Crews Race, the Challenger Head /Bitter End Trophies; and the Winter Series

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

David Baker 0408 980 108
ASC Cruise Co-ordinator



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2-3 Sept

Refuge Bay

Overnight at Refuge Bay followed by opening day

3 Sept

Sailing Club

Opening Day


Labour Day

30 Sept – 2 Oct

Dangar Island/ Jerusalem Bay

Anchor off Dangar Island. Dinner at bowling Club on Saturday Night. Relocate to Jerusalem Bay Sunday Neap tide.


18-19 Nov

Smiths Creek


2-3 Dec

Americas Bay

Overnight at Americas Bay followed by Sunday Christmas Lunch 


26 Dec – 14 Jan


NEW YEAR BREAK. North for the fireworks & a Summer Cruise. (Not an ASC sponsored event, individual expedition)

Australia Day

26-29 Jan

Up the creek

Australia Day at the club on Friday, then up the creek


17 - 18 Feb

Akuna Bay

Challenger Head Race; Dinner ashore at Akuna Bay



30 March- 2 April

Sydney Harbour

Easter Cruise


Anzac Day 25th, Wed


5 - 6 May

The Basin

Progressive Dinner


Mother’s Day 13th

12 May – 7 July

Provisional dates

New Caledonia

4 Sailing Legs. Pittwater – Southport, Southport - New Caledonia, New Caledonia - Southport, Southport – Pittwater. (Not an ASC sponsored event, individual expedition)


Queens B'day 11th

9-11 June

Bobbin Head

Dinghy safari to head of the creek for picnic lunch Sunday


School Holidays 7-22 July

28-29 July

The Basin

Soup and Fire Night Full Moon 28th July


25-26 Aug

The Basin

Soup and Fire Night (Alternate Date) Full Moon 26th























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Cruising Division report 2017

Cruising Division report to General Commitee 2016

Cruise to Lord Howe Island 2015

Easter  Cruise to Pt Hacking 2013

Jerusalem Bay Cruise (and sinking) 2012

Challenger Head Race (aka "The Dunking" ) 2011

A Visit to Hardy's Bay 2011

Autumn Cruises 2010

Challenger Head Race 2010

Summer Cruises 2010




Club mooring locations and tips for using Club moorings can be found under the menu heading Yachts> Cruising Moorings... or just click here 




ASC boats at anchor at Akuna Bay 2011



Morasum & Kate Kelly at Hardys Bay


Windborne and Kirin on their way to Hardys Bay




Susan and Jim Flaye aboard their yacht Kate Kelly