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To see all club events

Please log in and select 'Calendar' then Public and Club Events (from menu at top)

Updating Your Personal Information

Firstly thank you for using the ASC online database and keeping it up to date.

You may have provided information via

  • a "registration day"  or
  • entered it directly online or
  • it may have been entered from previous information the club had about you.

Please check it now by ...


Not sure if your info is there or not ?

  • Click "forgot login" ... click "Lost Username" ... enter your email address (and the security code) ...
  • The system will tell you if your email address has been used in the database.

If not ... you can enter all the info yourself ...

  • click register (under the Login form) and
  • complete the relevant boxes.
  • If you do not know everything ... thats OK, you can come back and update it later (as per below).


1. Signing on

  • Enter you username and password into the "Login" form ... Left hand column of the website.
  • Don't know your username and / or password ... no problem ... click "forgot login" all you need is your email address.


2. If this is your first ever login ... you will automatically go to the user information page


3. If not, you will now see a new menu item ... far right side called "User"

  • Point mouse (but don't click yet) to see the other choices ... click "User Details"


4. Notice that the information is grouped together under "tabs"

  • you can look at what is there by clicking on the relevant tab.
  • Scroll down to see everything


5. To make changes

  • Point to "Edit" (up near the top) then click on "Update your Profile"
  • Click the "Contact Info" tab
    • From here you can change: email address, phone numbers, mailing address etc.
    • If you wish to change your password, put the new one in here (twice), if no change required, just leave it blank
  • After making changes, scroll to bottom and click "Update"


Note: For administrative purposes, certain details can only be updated by club officials.

If you need to update information, and it will not let you edit it,  please send an e-mail

with the requested update to webupdate


6. Congratulations, you can also upload a photo of you or your family (max. 100k size? )

  • please do not load large file size raw photos up from your camera. (most cameras now take 1~2 Mb photos ie 10 times too big)


While you are logged in, you can also see a list of other club members.

  • point to "User" then click on "Members List Names Only"
  • This is similar to the yellow pages directory, but is not currently showing phone numbers till all the payments are settled for this season.


Or list of centreboard Sailors

  • point to "Centreboards" then click on "Centreboard Sailors"


Can you see others with incomplete information ?

  • Give them a call and tell them how easy it is to enter or update the info. :)


Any problems ?


call Kingsley  or Steve for a quick "on the spot" talk through.