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For the 2018-19 season, Avalon Sailing Club are using a cloud-based, off-the-shelf rostering solution ‘DutyMan’ which is successfully used by many sailing clubs around the world (e.g. RPAYC).

DutyMan brings the following key benefits:

  • Simpler, more efficient management of the roster by the Roster Manager.
  • Ability for members to self-nominate, confirm and organise duty swaps on-line.
  • Ability for members to volunteer for duties to suit their own preferences and availability
  • Automated duty notification, reminders and up-to-date roster viewing/printing.
  • Smartphone views and iCal calendaring integration.

ASC believe that offering a self-rostering system is a significant benefit to members, but recognise that the success of the system is entirely reliant on members willing and enthusiastically self-nominating. By selecting early members will now have better control of times and dates that suit them. Without complete rosters, we will be unable to run our full and successful Sunday sailing programs and we ask for members' enthusiastic support of the system.

There are multiple links to the ASC Duty Guide which gives detailed information about the details and activities associated with the role. ASC enthusiastically supports our members exploring and developing new capabilities - perhaps some of our more seasoned members might like to use their experience in support of the Centreboard group and help the youngsters develop a similar love of sailing? Centreboard racing requires significant resourcing, so any help you could provide would be gratefully received!

Please note that if roster duties are unallocated as the duty date draws near, the Roster Manager will review and allocate out duties to members (with email notification) to ensure the sailing programs can proceed. Your support of any duty allocations allocated to you is also anticipated and appreciated.


Frequently Asked Questions ("How do I?....") LINK HERE


ASC Roster Duty Guide (explanations) LINK HERE


DutyMan Roster System LINK HERE

 Note: this is a generic link and you will need your DutyMan specific username and password to login.It is reccomended that you use the user-specific link provided in your DutyMan welcome email, since this will log you in automatically). you can get your welcome messasge re-sent by clicking on the 'Click here for a log-in reminder' button on the home page of the DutyMan website (without logging in)


Thank you,

Roster Manager (Valerie Tulk)