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Blue Water Shield

This Sunday 18 November, PBYC invites ASC Yachts to join them for some offshore racing outside the confines of Pittwater. This is a 4 race joint venture between our clubs and for ASC Yachts will form the Blue Water Series. The 4 races are the same course each time (START – OA – OB – FINISH), where the start and finish are between the Soldiers Point Green channel marker and a PBYC inflatable buoy. All the details, including an entry from are attached. Entry is free to ASC boats. Forward your entry to  

 A key difference from normal racing is that PBYC uses an honesty system, much like golf. You will need to record your own elapsed time and text it to PHIL  0414478996  as soon as it is possible to do so after you finish. Please text your BOAT NAME and elapsed time in seconds eg “SALTY LADY elapsed time 02:23:35”  The start will be run from a PBYC boat not a start boat so listen for sound signals. Time will be mobile telephone network time so your mobile phone will be on the money as a timer.

Another “Palmbeachism” is that Division 2 yachts will start on the 1-minute signal while Division 1 yachts will start at the Start signal. This will allow some separation between smaller & larger yachts at the start. So you must get your entry form in to enable us to give you a division 1 or 2. Thus nominal start time 13:00.

PLEASE NOTE: The Offshore marks are NOT an inflatable buoy, but rather a floating stick marker that is reasonably difficult to see until you are almost on top of it. (Think flag marker on a putting green). You will need to use your navigation skills and equipment in order to locate these marks.

OA is  33 deg. 33.000’S – 151 deg. 23.000É  

OB is  33 deg. 36.500’S – 151 deg. 21.000É 

In the event a mark is missing you will have to round it’s stated co-ordinates. It is a good idea to turn TRACKING ON your GPS chart plotter so you can see the mark was rounded. See co-ordinates above for OA & OB. Prior to racing you may like to add these co-ordinates to your GPS tracking device. If you do not have a chart plotter simply download NAVIONICS onto your smartphone or IPhone. You can download the local map for use offline, as your phone should have GPS built in. Call me if this sounds confusing.

UPDATES please visit the PBYC website –

 Any questions about process or navigation basics please email or call Rob Slack, PBYC on Mobile – 0414232429