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Inaugural TRIAL A SPIRAL day

005 s

Avalon’s trial-a-spiral day was last Saturday, where 5 keen young sailors [ok, well maybe not that young, and granted, some of our sailing offspring might equally argue with the term ’sailors'] were afforded a fabulous opportunity thanks to our experienced Spiral sailors Jeff Conly, Simon Hill and Ros Read.


Braving the cold [alright, such bravery was not actually tested as Pittwater turned on a cracking sunny Winter day] Jeff gave us a ten minute summary of the finer points of a spiral. Armed with all the essential knowledge (stay in the boat, don’t get wet), we launched and a little nervously headed out into open waters.


Well, nerves disappeared, and we beginners soon learnt how easy a spiral is to sail, very stable and mild mannered. In no time our guru instructors had us reaching back and forth, and as confidence grew it wasn’t long before we were able to occasionally get up on the plane, even though we were sailing in an 8kt westerly. How good are these Spirals!

An hour later and a sudden insight prompted me to ask “These boats are so easy to sail, but something tells me they might be quite tricky to sail fast – is that right?” Our three gurus exchanged a smile, and with over 50 years of Spiral sailing between them, I knew there was a world of tricks yet to be discovered, hidden quietly beneath the façade of a cruisy Spiral.

It was a great day, big thank you to Jeff, Simon and Ros for organising and trusting us with their Spirals. Speaking for others, I am 100% confident if anyone has an interest in a Spiral, or would like to try one, then Jeff, Simon or Ros would be more than willing to talk to you.

See you soon out on the water!!

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