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Friday 18th Aug, updated sat 1630.

Wind was recorded at Stokes point 51 knots at 1355pm.Missing panchax

We had 2 boats in the vicinity of the club break from their moorings.


A large black 60+ footer called Kalosini II,  started from a

a location (as I recall) south west of where Brent's "Pioneer" is moored.


Unfortunately Kalosini II appeared to scrape, hit or damage at least 6 boats on the way through. With rudder locked it appeared to "sail" and crunch a number of boats.

In an attempt to minimise damage to itself and other yachts, 3 members launched Blue Peter (again).  Kalosini II was secured to piles to the North of the club about 5 houses up before it ran aground.

The incident has been reported to water police and they are following up with the owner.


Panchax went ashore earlier in the day but with diligence from

various people, did not appear to hit anything (except the bottom) and was winched / towed free to motor away to a new home under its own steam.

It would be advisable for owners to check their boats are secure.

anchor Chain red

The water police have advised me that they may provide more information on the owner of Kalosini

Updated Saturday 1600, approx track of Kalosini (don't hold me to it), plus or minus a few boats (below),

Police incident number: 65576733

Kalosini has been towed by the police (with owner) this morning to Scotland Island area

This morning there were 5 other boats up on the shore between the club and Clareville beach!

approxpath Kalosini2