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AGM 2017 - Business of the Annual General Meeting

1 Minutes

To confirm the minutes of the AGM held on Sunday August 14th 2016.

2 Reports 

To receive the Commodore’s report and other reports from the General Committee upon the transactions of the Avalon Sailing Club (ASC) during the preceding financial year.

3 Treasurer's Report 

To receive and consider the audited financial statements for the ASC for the year ended 30 June, 2017.

4 Election of officers and members to the General Committee 

Each year the positions on the General Committee become vacant so that new members can be elected. The General Committee comprises six ex-officio members and seven other members making a maximum of 13 people.

a. Nominations received so far for ex-officio members are: 

  • Commodore          A nomination has been received from Jane Durham
  • Vice Commodore  Vacant
  • Rear Commodore  Vacant
  • Club Captain         A nomination has been received from Paul Hardy
  • Treasurer               Vacant
  • Secretary               A nomination has been received from James George

b. Nominations received so far for members are:

  • Jean Cross
  • Jeff Conly
  • Paul Westcott
  • Simon Hill

Nominations can still be received using the nomination form by clicking here. (This will open a new window.)

5 Election of Auditor

To appoint Manser Tierney and Johnston, Chartered Accountants as auditors for the 2017-2018 financial year.

6 Other business

To discuss matters raised from the floor. 


By order of the General Committee.

James George

Honorary Secretary

July 24, 2017