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Privacy Statement


This document describes the Avalon Sailing Club Inc Privacy Policy.

Avalon Sailing Club Inc. is committed to the Commonwealth Privacy Act legislation in the way it collects, uses, secures and discloses personal information.

Information collected by the club will be used for the purposes of

  • Maintaining our relationship with you as a member of Avalon Sailing Club Inc
  • Provide products and services you have requested from Avalon Sailing Club Inc
  • Administer and manage those products and services
  • Produce and make public results and reports relating to the conduct of Avalon Sailing Club Inc and its members
  • Provide contact details* to other members of Avalon Sailing Club Inc
  • Provide sailing details* to other members of Avalon Sailing Club Inc
  • Answer your inquiries

Information may be held in paper and electronic form

Access to your personal information

  • In most cases, you can gain access to the personal information that Avalon Sailing Club Inc holds about you, subject to some exceptions allowed by law.
  • If you would like to check or amend your contact details, please log into the electronic registration system to make changes or contact us. We will deal with all requests for access to personal information as quickly as possible.


  • Avalon Sailing Club Inc will take reasonable steps to keep secure any personal information which we hold and to keep this information accurate and up to date. Personal information is stored in a secure server or secure files.
  • The Internet is not always a secure method of transmitting information. Accordingly, Avalon Sailing Club Inc cannot accept responsibility for the security of information you send to, or receive from us over the Internet or for any unauthorised access or use of that information

Changes to this Privacy Policy

  • It may be necessary for us to review and revise our Privacy Policy from time to time. An amended version will be posted on our website at We suggest that you visit our website regularly to keep up to date with any changes.

Contact Us

  • If you would like any further information, or have any queries, problems or complaints in relation to this Privacy Policy or our information handling practices in general, please contact us on

*Database storage of information

  • The online registration system is intended to provide access for members to similar information to that was available in the members book or available at the clubhouse.
  • This includes but is not restricted to :
    • Names of parents and siblings of a member
    • Suburb of postal address of member
    • home phone number of family of member
    • Mobile phone numbers of adults of the family
    • boat numbers, names & "group sailed in" for all members
    • Storage rack of boats
    • Membership type of people listed
  • Selected members with specific reason for access will be able to access all information provided.