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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) ... Children and Centreboards


I have small children and would love to get them out on the water. What facilities does ASC have for teaching children to sail?

We have been training young people to sail for many years now and have a team of young instructors plus dedicated people supported by enthusiastic parents in place at all times. In addition we employ a qualified coach and run a structured training program. There are three divisions in Junior sailing at ASC: Blue, Red and Gold Divisions. Blue is for absolute beginners, Red is intermediate and Gold is when these juniors start to race in inter club events.

Do I need special clothing or equipment for the training?

A life jacket, hat, shorts and longsleeve shirt is good. A wet suit even better. Plenty of sun screen and lots of enthusiasm. As you become more enthusiastic there are special items you might like to buy such as sailing gloves, boots etc but initially it's not wise to invest too much.

What can you tell me about your learn to sail camp?

These are run on an ad-hoc basis, usually during school holidays over summer and this is another way to introduce your child to sailing. The camp is both exciting and fun. The training itself is mindful that the students are novices and they are gently led towards becoming competent sailors. 

What class centreboards does the Club race?

The Club races Manly Juniors, Open BIC's, Flying 11s, Spirals and Lasers. We also have as training boats Puffin Pacers and a fleet of Nippa's kindly donated by our patron Iain Murray.

Does the Club have dinghy storage facilities?


What social events does the Club hold?

These are many and varied. The fact is that the Club is as much about social activity as is about on water activities. Go to our photo library for a look at life at ASC.

I have noticed your duty roster. What is a duty?

ASC is run by it's membership. We do not have any paid staff. As a result it is club members who operate the canteen, start the races, run the rescue boats and in general make the Club buzz. This is all done on a roster system and each member is asked to do "duty" once a year at least.

How do I apply for membership?

Just download a form from this site, fill it in and send it to the address shown. Don't send any money we will contact you once membership is approved.