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FAQ's Adults and Yachts

Do the yachts Race?

Absolutely, we have up to 30 yachts regularly racing in the Pittwater area, courses are varied in length and style, generally racing is on Sunday afternoon but also friday twilight and occassionally saturday regattas, but we also have a cruising division ...

 I prefer cruising to racing. Do you have a cruising program?

Yes we have a extensive cruising program and some very enthusiastic and experienced skippers. Cruising tends to be in local waters with some coastal cruising when the weather and time permit, The Club has a number of moorings scattered over Pittwater and Broken Bay and weekend raft ups are very popular. Check out our cruising pages elsewhere on this site.

Does the Club have moorings?

Yes we have a number of moorings off the Clubhouse and these are leased to members by preference. In addition we have a number of cruising moorings. These are located in Towlers Bay, Coasters Retreat, Refuge and Americas Bay and are available for use by all paid up ASC members.

How often is the Clubhouse open?

The Club is run by the members on a voluntary basis and is open for racing every Sunday during the season.

What social events does the Club hold?

These are many and varied. The fact is that the Club is as much about social activity as is about on water activities.

Are there any opportunities to crew on club members yachts?

Yes. Just present at the Club on any Sunday and make it known to the OOD (Officer of the Day) that you are looking for a crew spot. Nothing can be guranteed but there is every chance that you will get a spot on one of the yachts.

What class yachts do you race?

Anything and everything from small lift keel boats through to dedicated racers like Etchells and Young 88's and cruising yachts like East Coast 31's and the like. You can check out the yacht register elsewhere in this site. All club racing is on a handicap basis so everyone gets a chance to win.

Does the Club race offshore?

No, but we do have one race called the "Blue Water Shield" that almost qualifies for that title by going to a mark about a mile or so off Lion Island.

Does the Club have Twilight Racing?

Yes, we run Twilight Races each alternate Friday. These races are also open to members from Palm Beach Yacht Club who reciprocate by hosting the other friday. After the race everybody is invited back to the ASC deck for an informal BYO BBQ and prize giving.

Do you have a licenced bar?

Occassionally for special events.

I have noticed your duty roster. What is a duty?

ASC is run by it's membership. We do not have any paid staff. As a result it is club members who operate the canteen, start the races, run the rescue boats and in general make the Club buzz. This is all done on a roster system and each member is asked to do "duty" once a year at least.

How do I apply for membership?

Just download a form from this site, fill it in and send it to the address shown. Don't send any money we will contact you once membership is approved.