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All About Avalon Sailing Club


We are a family oriented sailing club, sited at Clareville, on Pittwater, part of Sydney's Northern Beaches area. Founded in 1938, with the clubhouse built in 1958 the Club has a proud history offering a small, friendly environment for people of all ages and sailing interests. The Club promotes all aspects of sailing - racing, cruising and just have fun in boats.

The Centreboard division includes training and racing, the predominant classes being Manly Junior, Open BIC, Flying 11, Spiral, Laser and 29er. Children around the age of 7~8 often start in our "Blue" "learn to sail" group before progressing to Red & Gold.

The Club has over 50 yachts ranging in size fron 20ft to 40ft...not all race but there is a very healthy fleet each Sunday competing fiercely for various trophies. We also have an organised cruising Division and club moorings available for members tucked away in delightful spots around Pittwater and Broken Bay.

Those who favour a less competitive approach to sailing enjoy getting together and cruising in company on the waterways of Broken Bay and further afield. We believe we are one of the few sailing clubs in the Sydney area providing this environment - with the emphasis on family involvement, making good friends, and offering enjoyment with a wide variety of sailing activities. Club members cover a broad range of sailing interests. Some just like to "mess about with boats", others are serious racers. Some prefer the pleasures of cruising to a beautiful location and rafting up with friends on one of the Club moorings. Some go further afield and cruise the coastline while others compete in major races like the Sydney to Hobart. We have a very active Junior program with training races each Sunday and regular training camps. Many who have graduated from Avalon Sailing Club have gone on to become champions.

Its not just on the water activities. The Club committee promotes a strong social calender. Monthly BBQ's on the deck, onshore cruises, picnics, dinners and the like. The club has recently intalled a library of sailing books and magazines. This facility is growing thanks to kind donations by members and others. Books and magazines are borrowed on an honor system...a great way to pass those odd days when you can't go sailing. The aim is to involve all members in having a good time.

Merchandise The Club has developed a complete range of sailing clothing. All embroidered with the Club insignia. Go to the Club shop and you will see long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts as well as burgees, hats, caps etc. All the items sold by ASC are well priced of the highest quality and designed to protect from the sun while looking good. All proceeds from sales go to running the Club.

Avalon Sailing Club Clubhouse sits astride beach and water with commanding views up and down Pittwater. Visiting the Clubhouse for the first time and looking out on the view is a memorable experience and one that seems to bring people back.

Get a picture of life at ASC by checking out our photo album.


The Club is affiliated with the Yachting Association of New South Wales, and participates in all their activities and training programs. The Yachting Association is the parent body of the clubs in New South Wales, with the YA being responsible then to the Australian Yachting Federation (AYF) as the Australian body for yachting. Avalon Sailing Club also works with other Clubs to assist in making our sport enjoyable for everyone. Examples include: Centreboard combined fleet Sunday racing with RPAYC & BYRA, Dovetail yacht twilight racing with Palm Beach Yacht Club, Australia Day and Pittwater Regatta.

Avalon Sailing Club publications. The club's website is the hub for communication within the club; through up-to-date content on the website and emails to various groups within the club. Members also receive a physical copy of "Mainsheet" which is the annual sailing instructions with full details of the years events and important club information.

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