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Sailing their own Manly Juniors (MJ), Flying 11 (F11), Spiral, O'pen BIC or Laser this is where the racing becomes the focus and more competitive ... but still with plenty of fun and mucking about.


Our Novice group is capable of getting around a smaller course in winds up to 15 knots. They sail in the "Gold AM" races that are held between 11:00am and 1pm. The Open MJ fleet (the youngest of our experienced sailors) will also sail in "Gold AM" which benefits the novices who can learn a lot from chasing more experienced sailors around the course. Coaching is provided on the course for our novices to hone their sailing and racing skills. There is nothing wrong however with picking the lighter breezes as skills improve.


Our Gold group can be very competitive with goals of winning State and or National Championships, Racing is conducted in upto 25 knots of breeze provided it is relatively safe between 2:00pm and 4:30pm. The "Gold PM" fleet is made up of Flying 11s, O'pen BICs, Spirals, Lasers and extends to a number of other classes for our "Superfleet" Sundays where Avalon, Royal Prince Alfred's and BYRA combine all fleets about 5 times during the season.


Additional training on weekdays, and Saturdays is provided for Novice and Gold with professional coaches to help the learning and prepare for State & National regattas. Avalon has a proud history of producing great sailors, some have gone on to achieve fame in the sport, however just as many simply enjoy being out on the spectacular waters of Pittwater with family and friends where fellow sailors are always there to lend a hand and join in the fun.


Often our Gold group do additional training and are involved in other types of sailing (school, teams, match, yachts or just other types of centreboarders). Most of the coaches and instructors for our Blue & Red groups are our top Gold sailors, also acting as great role models for the younger sailors.


Expect to stay a full season in Novice

You can stay in Gold until you are ... oh about 80!