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An introduction to sailing aimed at 7~12 year olds. Sometimes we have a group of slightly older children in it too.

Run over a summer season, all the basics are introduced, children often sail in pairs in Manly Juniors or Nippas. Depending on size, experience and wind strength we also use our Puffins. The kids have heaps of fun and are mentored by our experienced teenage sailors with adult support.

Parents are immediately involved with deck duties and opportunities to assist on water. Everyone learns and it involves all the family.

Although many of our instructors and support are YA registered, we use a  flexible training and progression system rather than a fixed course time.

As skills improve the children are moved up to Red.

Skills learnt include:

  • Identifying the wind direction and strength
  • How to set the sails depending on wind direction and which way the boat is pointing.
  • Changing direction ... tacking and gybing
  • How to go upwind, downwind and reaching
  • How to rig and care for the equipment
  • Launching and retreiving boats off the shore.
  • Capsizing safely to have fun


Expect to spend 3~6 months in Blue unless there are opportunities to join more experienced skippers.

Blue is run on Sunday mornings between approx 8:30 ~11:00am.


See also Red, Novice - Gold as skills progress