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Public Calendar

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To see all club events

Please log in and select 'Calendar' then Public and Club Events (from menu at top)

Calendar Descriptions

There are currently 4 calendars:

  • Club Calendar (Public) ... for all club related events shown to the world (left column and menu)
  • Club Calendar (Private) ... must be signed in, includes meetings and Private Club functions (menu after signing in)
  • Other Calendar (Public) ... for other events in and around Pittwater and elsewhere (menu)
  • Combination (Combo) (Private) ... all of the above mixed together (menu after signing in)

Each has subcatagories which can be clicked on to show just the sub sections (clicking colour stripe below or drop boxes to hide or display)

  • Club Calendar
    • Yachts ... anything not specifically in another catagory eg Yacht Dinner at Restaurant
      • Yacht Racing ... all club races
      • Yacht Cruising ... organised by ASC or likely to be of close interest
      • Yacht Multihulls
    • Centreboard ... folder only
      • Centreboard Racing ... all club races
      • Centreboard Training (club) ... club training, parent supervised etc
      • Centreboard Training (other) ... any Association or other training that may be of close interest
      • Centreboard Regattas ... any regatta ASC likely to be attending or of close interest
    • Club Functions (Public) ... Registration days, Fundraising events
    • Club Functions (Private) ... BBQ's, AGM, Working Bee, Deck & Commodores Party etc
    • Meetings (Private) ... main, centreboard etc
    • Holidays ... public and school
  • Other Calendar ... for other events in and around Pittwater and elsewhere
    • Pittwater related: Regattas, racing or events that may be of interest, impact our members or to avoid calendar conflicts eg RPAYC races, twilights, BYRA Marathon, Avalon Fair, School fetes
    • External: Regattas or events out of area, eg Boat shows, Hamilton Island, Sydney Internation Regatta (SIR's) for centreboards on harbour
  • Combo ... shows everything above


Events can be added or edited by anyone with "Publisher" status or above,

some calendar functions are restricted to admin users only


Why have other events:

  • to (try to) avoid conflicts with our events
  • to be aware of other events that may effect our racing, travel, parking etc
  • just to record other events that may be of interest to our members


Hope you can help add events.

To add an event:

  • you need to be logged on and a "Publisher", talk to Steve or Kingsley if you are not and think that you should be
  • The different calendars are actually only different "display options", everything is in the same database
  • Select the combo calendar and check that someone else has not already entered something
  • Click "add an event" link just below calendar
  • there are 2 tabs:
    • Common tab:Header line, description details: this is what people will see in calendar or when they click it
    • Calendar tab for dates, I do not recommend that you use repeating functions first up.
  • Click Save
  • Stuffed up? : click the item in the calendar, then small edit icon (top right), will provide options to edit or delete.

Need more options?

by entering events from the back end, you can also select "attendance responses" and other fields, add questions, tick boxes, request payment, track payments, decide if attendees coming can be seen by others etc etc, it us huge.

Kingsley & Steve