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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Avalon Sailing Club clubhouse on Sunday, 14 August 2016 

Meeting opened at 11:05 am. 


Barry Black, Brett Stapleton, Celia Craig, David Baker, David Evans, David Lyall, Falko Thiele, Ian Craig, James George, Jan Evans, Jan Scholten, Jane Durham, Jean Cross, Lindal Jeffreys, Meredith Rasdall, Nick Mason, Norm Field, Paul Westcott, Phil Buck, Phil Lyall, Richard Rasdall, Roman Zwolenski, Ros Read, Simon Hill, Stephen Parker, Steve Read, Toni Fox, Warwick Barnes, Wendy Field. 


Bob Batchelor, Chad Leggett, Dick Ferris, Glenn Attrill, Jan Trembath, Jason Arruzza, John Foster, Martin Hickling, Richard Dooley, Rick Hall, Rob Torning, Ross Trembath. 

Review of minutes of previous AGM 

Copies were distributed prior to the meeting and they were accepted by Jane Durham and seconded by Ian Craig. 

Commodore's report 

Jan Scholten submitted a report in his role as acting Commodore. This was read by James George, since Jan was unable to make the start of the meeting.
Jan reflected on his membership of the Club for more than 10 years and how he has seen first hand how many of The Club’s youth sailors turn in to fine young adults. Any State, National or International results being a bonus. The best gift however the Club is able to give is the love for the sport and the forever lasting friendships. This success is based on the spirit of our volunteer culture.
Jan expressed his pleasure at having a new nomination for the Commodore position, a role that needs fresh energy and ideas every two years for the system to work.
“If Jane Durham is successful the club will be in good shape for the years to come. I have a tremendous respect for Jane. Her involvement with the club has stretched over many years and at all levels. Jane knows what we stand and strive towards. I am looking forward serving under her on the main committee.” he stated.
In conclusion, Jan looked forward to the coming season and the knowledge that the Club’s committees are committed to supporting youth sailing with as many resources as is possible. The training and coaching provided would bring in the right kind of energy to the Club.
Jan thanked all fellow committee members for their hard work once again as well as the many non committee members that have contributed to the successful running of the Club over the last 12 months. 

Secretary's report 

James George, Honorary Secretary, presented the report.
James thanked all the Club committees for the long hours put in behind the scenes to keep the Club functioning.
On behalf of the Club he thanked Steve Read for his work as IT manager; Steve has been training Jason Azzurra to take on this role going forward.
James reported that the Club had received notification from Council that there had been a complaint relating to non-compliance with the Club’s development consent in regard to the hiring of the clubhouse for functions such as weddings and birthday parties.
Even though negotiations are still ongoing, the Club has stopped taking any more bookings for external functions, a move that obviously impacts on The Club’s ability to raise funds in the future.
James urged members to put on their thinking hats and come up with some creative ideas for fund raising.
James pointed out that the Club needs funds to progress the five-year strategic plan which includes the maintenance of the clubhouse, improvement to the toilets and showers and the outside verandah.
James thanked Rick for running a series of successful ‘working bees’ throughout the year that keep the clubhouse facilities and landscape in great condition. 

Director's and Treasurer's reports 

Highlights of the financial position are:
Completed the deck and ended up with $105,000 in the bank
Only about $50,000 was taken from reserves (end of 2014 compared with June 2016)
Liabilities of $21,000 mostly relating to prepayments on clubhouse hire and key deposits.
Regarding the profit and loss, the main points are:
Income unchanged
Overall expenditure up by 2.1%
Training costs are down, which is not a good thing as Jean noted sail training is one of our objectives
Costs of cleaning and rubbish removal nearly doubled
With depreciation taken into account, operating loss was $15,000
Net profit was $33,000 due to income of $48,000 that includes Australian Sports Foundation and clubhouse hire
The aim is to set up a sinking fund to maintain the Club’s assets. Income from membership should cover operating expenditure with extra income from fund raising activities including the canteen and bar going into the sinking fund.
This year the Club managed to provide for the sinking fund and spent about $10,000 upgrading general assets apart from the deck upgrade.
Fees have risen slightly more than the CPI for the 2016/2017 year as last years increase still led to a small increase in the operating deficit.
Going forward moorings will be charged by length of boat (except for those who paid personally to upgrade their moorings to double-block). 

Election of office bearers and committee 

The secretary declared all positions vacant and then presented the nominations that had been made and accepted in accordance with the Articles of Association.
As there was no need for a ballot, the following were elected.
Ex-officio members of the General Committee:
Commodore Jane Durham
Vice Commodore Toni Fox
Rear Commodore Chad Leggett
Club Captain Ralf Moller
Honorary Treasurer Jean Cross
Honorary Secretary James George
Members of the General Committee:
David Baker
Jan Scholten, Immediate past Commodore
Jason Azzurra
Paul Westcott
Richard Gay
Rick Hall
Rob Torning
Simon Hill 

General business 

  1. After the election, the new Commodore, Jane Durham, addressed the meeting.
    She joined the Club more that 20 years ago when her two small girls started to learn to sail. In those years she has sailed with Norm and Wendy Field, on Etchells as well as serving on various committees.
    Jane thanks the past committee and especially Brian Rodgers and Martin Hickling who have both resigning from the committee; martin will still fill the yacht handicapper role though.
    Jane reiterated that the Club’s mission statement “For the fostering, encouragement, promotion, teaching and above all enjoyment of sailing on the waters of Pittwater” is what the Club is all about and always will be.
  2. Ian Craig notified the Club that Claus Bayer, a long time member of the Club had passed away and sought to have a memorial plate installed at the Club.
  3. David Lyall gave notice that a Pittwater Users Group is being set up as part of the then Pittwater Council’s ‘Waterway Review’. He suggested a representative from the Avalon Sailing Club should be part of this group.
  4. David Lyall also advised that Council documents relating to the early days of the Club had accidentally been destroyed while the Council was relocating and not as the result of a fire as had been previously believed by the Club.
  5. Roman Zwolenski raised a point as to the exact meaning of the phrase “Indemnifying Officers” used in the Director’s report. The General Committee agreed to define this at their meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 11.38 am.